Snow & Ice Removal

Maintaining your property for the specific needs of Maine winters

Don't Let Snow & Ice Hold You Back

If you have lived in Maine over a Winter, you are likely very familiar with the need of snow plowing, shoveling, and sanding/salting. Let us save you time (and energy) by maintaining your property each snowstorm. We offer flexibility to handle the Winter weather at whatever level you desire.

Winter Services

Maintaining properties in the winter can be much more complex than just “plowing when you see snow”. Accumulation, snow/ice consistency, air temperature, ground temperature, ground material, and more can have huge impacts on the safety of your property- we have the knowledge and experience to act accordingly, and often times act in advance. Below are some of the services we provide in for winter maintenance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Ideally, our services will make your property easier to maintain and safer, but we also want to only provide and charge for services you actually need. The estimator can make a plan for your specific property.