Seasonal Cleanup

Necessary to remove the buildup of leaves and debris over time, we offer seasonal cleanup in the Fall and in the Spring.

What Does Seasonal Cleanup Do?

Seasonal cleanup is necessary to remove the buildup of leaves and debris over the Fall, and again in the Spring to clean up mess caused over the winter. Cleaning up in the Fall helps to maintain the health of your lawn and perennial plants over the winter, while Spring cleanup removes debris such as sticks, sand, and dirt moved around over the winter. We also trim and maintain plants, shrubs, and bushes during different seasons depending on the variety. 

Seasonal Cleanup Breakdown

There are many different types of debris that may need to be cleaned seasonally, listed below are some of the most common:

Frequently Asked Questions

This is entirely up to your preference, and also dependent on your specific property. Some properties are dense in leaves, other in pine needles, some have plants and shrubs that only need to be trimmed in the fall, while others have a variety. It really also boils down to the level maintenance you are looking for, this is something the estimator can answer for you upon seeing your property.