Maintenance Packages

Bundle the maintenance services you want for the best price

Making Outdoor Home Maintenance Easier

There is a lot involved in maintaining your property, our property maintenance packages are great because they can include as little or as much as you want- taking all the less-than-ideal work off your plate. These packages are offered year long covering the seasons you need and taking the guesswork out of budgeting for by-the-service work. You don’t need to worry how fast the grass grows or how many times it snows in a year if you choose to have use maintain your property. 

Services Features:

Depending on the season and level of care that you are looking to maintain for your property, there could be a large amount of services included in your package, below are some examples: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Even if you are just looking for the two yearly services, we still encourage a maintenance package as a way to not only get on our schedule, but to help us plan your seasonal cleanup most efficiently based on your property needs.